Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Burley Nomad

With the temperatures here in Texas finally dropping below the 90 degree mark (32.2 Celcius), it's time to start thinking about camping. The UPS man dropped off our new Burley Nomad trailer the other day and I've been itching to try it out. The Nomad is Burley's touring model. I figured that we'd use a trailer rather than panniers to avoid putting too much weight on the bike-broken spokes appear to be a common problem afflicting people touring on tandems. I loaded the trailer with a bunch of camping gear, hooked it up to the tandem, and hit our local bike trails. I hardly noticed the trailer was back there. I'll post a review after we've had the opportunity to take the Nomad on a camping trip.


  1. Can you also use the Burley as a flatbed trailer?

  2. Hey Steve! The Nomad is narrower than the flatbed, it's just slightly narrower than my handlebars. You can remove the cover and carry groceries etc. It has the same 100 lb capacity as the Flatbed, but I believe you can carry over-sized and odd shaped items much easier on the Flatbed.