Saturday, July 26, 2008

103 Degrees

It's been pretty darn hot and miserable the last few days with no real relief in sight. The weather forecast says that its going to be 104 degrees tomorrow. I've avoided screen printing the last few days. The heat from the dryers (to heat set the ink) makes my garage unbearable. All this means that I've spent more time online than usual. I thought it might be nice to point out some interesting blogs and websites I've come across over the last few days. The theme for this post is slow.

The Slow Bicycle movement
Just what the title suggests. Relaxed riding in regular clothes, no lycra here. The two blogs below are members of this new group.

Sweet Georgia Brown

Nice little blog by "The Bronze Bombshell" (cool name). All about riding in style. I'm sure it's a little warm in Georgia right now.

This guy restores these old bikes to ridable condition.

Peter White Cycles
Lots of neat stuff, Carradice bags, lighting systems, and the super serious Tout Terrain touring frames.


  1. Nice! I love discovering new sites. You might be interested in my Old Bike Blog, too. Oh, and also A Balanced View. I don't sell anything or profit from the site, so I'm just letting you know FYI, and I have lots of other links there that might interest you. Take care.

  2. Hey!
    Thanks for the rescue and rehabilitation of some old bikes may take years. Do to my work schedule and other obsession...Airstreams.