Saturday, July 19, 2008

Easy Saturday Ride

It's Saturday afternoon and its 102 degrees outside. I grabbed my Kona with the big freakin basket and took off.

Headed north on South Drive.

First major intersection. I continued north through the intersection with the Interstate 20 access roads.

South Drive north of I-20. The road narrows to two lanes. I took a left turn on Westdale and then a right turn headed north on Hildring.

Left turn down the hill (much steeper than it looks) and then right turn onto Sarita.

My extra bottle, cable lock, and green military bag full of all kinds of unnecessary stuff.

Northbound on Overton Park West.

Right turn onto Ranch View Road and then a quick left onto the bike trail visible just before the intersection.

Northbound. Easy going on the bike trail.

Coming up to Bellaire, the next major intersection.

The view to the east down Bellaire. The TCU campus is just down the road.

On the bike trail crossing Overton Park East. The bike trail at this point follows Shady Cree Road for a short distance.

Taking a quick break at one of the few shady spots on the entire Trinity Trails network.

Nice homes and big trees on Owenwood.

A short while later and I'm on Colonial passing the Colonial Country Club Golf Course.

North on Rogers getting closer to the Trinity River.

View to the east towards the University Drive bridge.

I'm back on the Trinity Trail just east of University Drive. This is the view back towards the bridge.

Continuing north. That's Interstate 30 crossing the river up ahead. The city zoo is on the other side of the river to the right.

Entering Trinity Park.

A portion of downtown Fort Worth visible to the northeast.

Fairly new statue of Mark Twain adjacent to the trail.

From Trinity Park I jumped onto Crestline headed back west towards University Drive again. I crossed University and rode through the Will Rogers Coliseum parking lot. I'm not sure what was going on but there were lots of horses and dozens of high dollar motor homes in the parking lots.

Temporary riding arena set up in one of the parking lots

The Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum.

Riding west past the Cowgirl Museum.

I crossed Montgommery Street and headed west on Washburn.

After a few twists and turns I ended up heading south on Clover. That's I-30 up ahead. After passing I-30 I made a right turn headed west on Donnelly to the busy intersection at Hulen.

At my destination, H.E.B Central Market. I was soaking in sweat so I made a quick trip to the men's room to wash up. I've read plenty of magazine articles about bicycle commuting where Its suggested that if there isn't a shower at your destination you can wash your face and blot yourself dry with paper towels. People who have written these articles obviously don't live in Texas.


More beer.

Back home, showered and ready to relax.

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  1. Nice beer selection...around here it is Bud, Budlight or Miller

    I puzzle too over using the paper towels to blot off...especially seeing how most public restrooms only have blow driers in them now. Just what I want after a nice hot ride, more hot air to be blown on me. I live in the deep humid south (NC) sometimes you are just going to have to sweat and others are going to have to get over it.