Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ricco Should Avoid Coming to Fort Worth

I woke up this morning and turned on the tv and learned that Ricardo Ricco was ejected from the Tour and arrested for using a third generation version of EPO. I was surprised but my wife wasn't. She hates Ricco. All through stage 9, the last one that Ricco won, I had to listen to my normally sweet wife's comments about Ricco's scrawny little girl body, his lack of lips, and the fact that she could never respect a man that she could beat up. She then went on to describe the beating that he would receive if she ever met him. I think all this hatred comes from interviews she has read where Ricco does nothing but whine and complain while boasting about his amazing cycling abilities. After reading other riders comments its apparent that my wife isn't the only person that doesn't care for this guy.

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  1. My wife hates him too! Pretty funny how that works. He's such a jackass and now he's probably going to end up as unemployed possibly jailed jackass too.