Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Long Haul Trucker

I'm thinking about getting a new bike. I'm leaning towards a Surly Long Haul Trucker frameset. The decision I've got to make now is how I want to build it up. Do I build it as a touring bike or as more of a cruiser/ errand bike?

(Top photo above borrowed from Pedalturista. Bottom photo from the bike gallery at EcoVelo)

I would like to eventually do some loaded touring but I'll mostly use it for general riding, long distance weekend rides and around town errands.

I'm going to buy the parts piecemeal using the money I'm making from my t shirt sales. This could take a while. I need a new mountain bike and a road bike but honestly I would use my LHT much more often.


  1. Personally I would go for the second style bike and look for a good used tour bike. Something along the lines of a Dawes Super Galaxy or a Bob Jackson Super Tourist. I know those aren't the most common bikes around but they do pop up quite often. Another would be the Raleigh Alyeska or the older International. They can be had for less than the price of the LHT frameset.

  2. Thanks for the info. I found a Bob Jackson Super Tourist frame for sale but the seller wanted $900. I like the Alyeska. I found some photos but nothing for sale.

  3. That seems steep to me for just the frame set. The current model is the World Tourist and is is only ~$800 or so brand new. I haven't looked at any in several years. I do have a Dawes Galaxy that I am going to make into a pseudo club racer.


  4. i'd build it up as a single speed cruising/errand bike at first (with moustache bars perhaps) and then later when you get more cash you can get it setup for full-on touring with gears and racks.