Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kogswell P/R

I'm waffling a bit. I like the Surly Long Haul Trucker but I ran across Christopher Johnson's blog Pondero. Christopher, a fellow Texan, rides a really nice Kogswell P/R.

I like the way he's got his bike set up with the dynamo hub, light, Nitto front rack, bag and so on.

He's got his set up as a fixed gear, mine would be geared. It's a beautiful bike. The Kogswell P/R is $600 and includes frame, fork, fenders, headset and seatpost. The Surly LHT frameset is $419 online although I'd buy mine from my local bike shop because I'm going to need help with the build. If you add the cost of a good quality set of fenders, headset, and seatpost for the LHT there isn't that much of a difference in price. I'll have to ask Christopher, but I believe I read somewhere in his blog that he had to wait several months to get his frame. I guess I'll be doing some more research before I buy anything. Whatever I get I'm going to have for a very long time.

Here's a picture of really nice LHT that someone posted in the Surly LHT Group.
It's been powder coated and dressed up real nice. Here's a link to the owner's blog, Eco-Friendly Bicycling Photographer.


  1. Hey, buddy. It's a tough question, but you'll probably happy either way. Come see it. Come ride it. Or contact me directly with any questions.

  2. Hey Christopher, I've got a bunch of questions. I'll be contacting you soon.

  3. Hard choice...probably why I end up with too many bikes ;-)


  4. For a limited time, Kogswell has 59cm P/R frame, with fork, fenders, seatpost and headset, PLUS SHIPPING, for $449.

    Check the blog for details.