Sunday, August 10, 2008

Returning Designs

I used to sell these shirts on Ebay a couple of years back. This designs, a Campagnolo track gruppo and a Campy dérailleur were very popular. I don't remember why I stopped selling them. I pulled out the screens this morning and cleaned them up. Once I decide what color shirt to print them on I'll put them up on Etsy.

Choosing shirt colors is always a problem for me. If you like the design and have a color preference post a comment. Help me out.

This is a design featuring an old De Rosa Primato. I might print this one again also.


  1. I really like the light blue with the black print. I also like the grey shirt with some sort of dark color. Does that help?

    Great designs, as usual.

  2. The light blue shirts I printed were leftovers from a print job I did for somebody. I usually order extras to cover mistakes. I kind of liked the light blue, I'll order a few.

    Thanks for the comment.