Saturday, October 4, 2008

Keurig Elite B40 Update

We purchased a Keurig Elite B40 from Target a couple of months ago and I wanted to take a little time to post a follow up review. So far this machine has lived up to my expectations. It has performed flawlessly and makes a great cup of coffee every single time. The machine can be a little noisy. If you have family of light sleepers you might want to take this into account. My kids will sleep through anything so for me this has not been a problem. Lately we’ve been buying our K-Cups from Coffee For They’ve got a good selection and coffee reviews. The Donut Shop K-Cups from Coffee People have become my favorite. When we’ve run low on coffee we have made quick trips to Target, Macy’s or Bed Bath and Beyond for more. The cost of a months worth of K-Cups is about equal to our cost for bags of whole bean coffee, if not slightly more since it’s so convenient to use we find ourselves having coffee more often throughout the day. The water reservoir is a little awkward to remove and fill. I bought a plastic pitcher for the sole purpose of filling the reservoir, my wife promptly replaced the plastic pitcher with a "pretty" glass one.

I made a quick video of the brewing process to give you an idea how loud the machine is.

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