Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Morning's Ride

During the week I mapped out a ride from my house around the south side of Lake Benbrook. I'm trying to mix things up with different routes of varying lengths so that I'm not stuck spending most of my time riding the paved bike trails On this particular route there was a long section of road that I was concerned about. I used the Google maps satelite images to count cars on this road. There were very few cars in the satelite image so I felt better about trying this new route. When I arrived at the road in question it turned out to be a narrow two lane road with no shoulders (hard to tell from the satelite image) and heavy traffic. I wasn't going to risk getting hit. I had to turn around around and finish my ride on the paved bike trails, kind of boring.

On the positive side, I did add a couple of new items to my bike. A Pletscher double leg kickstand and a German mirror. Kind of dorky but very convenient.


  1. Looks like that kickstand needs to be trimmed. The bike sure sits high.

    Nice mirror ... I assume these are both Rivendell items?

  2. I came across a discussion on the Google Surly LHT Group where a couple of people recommended that you leave the kickstand uncut so that you could stick the ends into soft ground for better support. It also makes wheel removal a lot easier. The wide base makes it pretty sturdy and it doesn't interfere with anything, so I figured I'd leave it the way it is. I can always trim it down later. You should pick one up.

    I got the kickstand from for $36.95 and the mirror came from Rivendell.