Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Morning's Ride 10-18-08

This morning's ride started off great. The sky was clear blue with temperatures in the low 70's and I felt strong as I rolled north through tree shaded residential streets. I reached my destination, the Fort Worth Stock Yards, with no problems. It was the ride back that kind of ruined things. I had taken a few snacks with me but they just weren't doing the trick. I was hungry. I took a little detour to the Panera Bread Co. just north of the trail on University Drive and had a nice big bowl of baked potato soup. I climbed back on my bike and rode off but I felt terrible. My legs and shoulder were stiff and heavy and I had a headache. To top things off my deraileur was making noises that I could seem to fix with the barrel adjuster . I struggled home, showered and jumped in bed. I guess I bonked. I wasn't riding any harder than I normally do, I probably just waited too long to refuel. Anyway, I guess a bad day riding is better than not riding at all.

Feral Cat Colony at Trinity Park. There used to be 50 to 60 cats living in this area of the park a few years ago. I guess the city removed them. They're starting to return and appear to be well fed.

Stopped for a snack just north of downtown Fort Worth.

I've driven by this stairway on a few occassions and always wondered what was at the top.

The view from the top of the stairs. I'd like to sneak in there sometime and do some exploring.

The stockyards were full of tourists this morning.

These are the only "bikes" you'll see around the Stock Yards. Look at the size of the gas tank on the one on the left.

This is a short walking trail just to the south of the Stock Yards.


  1. Love the way your photos communicate the spirit of your local area, Fort Worth, and Texas. Sometimes I wish I were somewhere else, but home is what one makes of it. An eye for little things that provide its character can make the home place grand.

  2. nice photos! yes ditto on CJ, I enjoy seeing your local area. looks like great weather and yet no one else rides??? argh.
    Looove the leddy boots-sign. sounds like a pretty awesome store.