Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Ride 10-23-08

I was finally able to break free for a couple of hours and go for a ride yesterday afternoon. I rode to the Trinity Trails and crossed the river at the low water crossing near Bellaire Drive. Instead of heading north towards downtown where most of my rides have ended up lately, I headed south towards the southern end of the trail.

Other than the river itself there really isn't a whole lot to see between Bryant Irvin Road and US 183. There was a flock of cormorants sunning themselves in the river next to the Lockheed recreation area. I usually see these birds in the trees near the University Drive bridge.

I believe this cyclocross video was taken in the recreation area pictured above. The sand section looks pretty brutal. It's a pretty good video.

This is one of the more scenic views of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River south of I-20.

The foliage gets much thicker the further south you go.

This is the southern terminus of the Trinity Trails network. I was surprised to see this new section of trail being constructed.

There is about 1/4 mile of trail completed so far. It looks like they are going to connect this section of trail to the Benbrook YMCA which will allow safe easy family rides to Lake Benbrook.

This is where I turned around. There is a creek in the middle of the picture that is deceptively deep (about 6 feet straight down to the surface of the water) and just a little too wide for me to jump while carrying my bike.

I rode back north through Benbrook on one of the few marked bike lanes in all of the Fort Worth area.

I had crossed the river at this location about an hour earlier. I was surprised to see the trail blocked on my return trip. There is really no safe way to get back to the other side of the river from this point.

I ended up taking a left here at Bryant Irvin. I rode about 1/2 mile back north to the river. Traffic was very heavy and I felt really uncomfortable but there really weren't any other options. Traffic was moving at about 45 to 50 miles per hour. The lanes are fairly narrow leaving little room for cars to pass.

I made it back to the trail safely and finished my ride.

I'm planning to drive to one of the small towns west of Fort Worth sometime in the next few weeks and ride on some country roads. All of my rides have been in town and I'm ready for a change of pace.


  1. that new path looks pretty cool. Im sure lots of people will be riding there soon :)

  2. I'm looking forward to it being completed. I've got a couple of young kids that like to ride and I don't feel comfortable taking them out on the road. These trails are great for that sort of thing.

  3. It looks like you found spots that are not only buildings and concrete. That should serve as an appetizer for your upcoming rides out west. Which towns do you have in mind? There is excellent riding around Mineral Wells.

  4. I was thinking about Weatherford. It's not too far from where I live. I could ride towards Mineral Wells or southwest towards Lipan. I've been searching for routes at The rail to trail starts just west of Weatherford, but I was looking for scenic country roads with some climbing.

  5. Love the blog. Great taste in gear. All I have to say is... VC is for everyone. ;-)

  6. PM Summer-thanks for the link to the video. I went to the Cyclist View web site. Tons of useful info. I definitely need to work on my traffic skills.