Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Ride 11-01-08

I rode from my house this afternoon to gather a couple of things I needed for my bike. First stop was Performance Bike (about 1/2 mile from my house) where I picked up a cheap rear rack. I rode home with rack secured to my handlebar bag and attempted to install it. It didn't fit. The rear fender was coming in contact with a crossbar under the platform. The legs were just slightly too short and there's no way to adjust their length.

I stopped messing with the rack and rolled on to Ace Hardware to pick up a bolt and some wingnuts for a ghetto handlebar camera mount I'm going to build. It was on the warm side today, probably in the 80's which meant once again I was a sweaty mess when walking around the store. Maybe the older I get the more I sweat, that's not good.

I made a short side trip to a small park in the center of a traffic circle. Some of the trees were actually changing color which was nice. I then rode home dodging smashed pumpkins the whole way. Since I'm trying to expand my comfort zone when riding in traffic, I managed to avoid the bike trails and all but a 1/4 mile of a marked bike lane. I did have some problems setting off the sensors for a few traffic lights.

The park in the middle of Bluebonnet Circle in south Fort Worth.

Comida Mexicana on Bluebonnet Circle.

These bull sculpures were all over town at one point. There was one in the park across the street but it was damaged by vandals.

Here's a link to instructions for a really cheap camera mount. You basically just drill out the hole on a headlight mount.

This is another link to instructions for a different mount. It's shown here on a motorcycle but it will work on a bicycle. It's a little more work but I think you could place some foam between the handlebar and plastic body for extra vibration dampening.

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  1. By the way, that's an old warped and misaligned Nashbar rack in the photo with the bull sculpture. I took it off one of my other bikes.