Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Stuff 01-27-09

I left work early today due to the approaching ice storm. Icy roads in Texas make for some serious frustration as several hundred thousand people with no experience driving in icy conditions hitting the road at the same time for the evening drive home. Since I'm home and cowering from the winter weather I decided it was a good time to list some stuff that I've come across recently.

The Tweed Run

Click over to Cyclelicious to find links to photos of The Tweed Run, described by post author Yokota Fritz as "A critical mass of well dressed cyclists."

Photos by M.J.S.

My Mountain Dimension Engineering Bikes

To get a glimpse of mountain biking in Portugal check out this blog

Loading up the bikes and heading for the Alps.

Beginning Bicycle Commuting

My fellow Fort Worth resident Doohickie has started a new blog called Beginning Bicycle Commuting which as the name implies is all about how to get started riding your bike to and from work. 

Joe Isuzu

I was sitting on the couch with my kids, flipping through the channels when I came across a soap opera with David Leisure. I had to point out that he was Joe Isuzu back in the 80's. I was surprised to find many of the old commercials on Youtube. It's kind of hard to picture him being serious.

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  1. Thanks for the props! I thought it would be a good idea to pass on what I've learned in the last (almost) year of commuting on a bike.