Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Ride 02-01-09

I had planned to drive out to Oak Cliff to take part in a group ride but my wife warned me that the inspection sticker on the Landcruiser, our official bike hauling vehicle, was expired. The fenders on my bike prevent me from taking my wheels off and throwing it on the backseat of my car. I opted to just take a short ride. I didn't have a real destination so I just rambled around downtown.

This is a newly constructed section of the Trinity Trail system located on the east side of the Trinity River.

I believe that this section of trail was built in preparation for a bicycle/ pedestrian bridge that will span the river.

This is the view looking northeast.

The trail ends at the intersection of Forest Park Blvd. and 5th Street. This is the view on 5th St. as I climb eastward from the river.

New lofts and office space

The Bass Performance Hall

This is the view on Main Street as I ride north towards the old courthouse.


  1. Nice day and great photos. Thanks for sharing your ride with one stuck in a sick bed.

  2. I sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. I hope it's not the flu. Get better.

  3. Great pics. I'm trying to figure out where that spot is though....

    Off to Google Maps!

  4. Doohickie-That new section (maybe 1/2 mile in length) runs alongside Forest Park Blvd. from the Lancaster Bridge to 5th Street. It will be an easy way to get downtown from Trinity Park once the bridge is completed

  5. I just heard that construction on that bridge is supposed to start this year.


  6. cool building sighting, my favorite is the courthouse :)