Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busted Carbon

I stumbled across pictures of broken carbon fiber bike frames on Bike Forums. I believe the pictures came from the Busted Carbon blog. There is some scary stuff in there. Ever since I watched George Hincappie crash when his carbon fiber steerer tube cracked during Paris-Roubaix a couple of years ago I decided that I will probably stick to steel framed bikes.

Squirrels are dangerous!

Carbon fiber spokes


  1. Steel is real, man.

    It's been some interesting weather for commuting. Wet in the morning, windy in the afternoon. Still, much better than freezing!

  2. Hincapie's carbon fork had an aluminum steerer tube. It failed just below where the stem clamps to the tube, so in this case the carbon had nothing to do with it. You should probably stick to steel regardless :)

  3. That's interesting. Thanks for the link Axel. I hadn't read that before.

  4. Guys why would u want steel? aluminum is way lighter. Or titanium is even lighter

  5. irellemot-I, as well as most of the guys that visit my blog aren't what you would consider competitive cyclists so the extra weight isn't really a concern. Plus with steel you don't usually have the catastrophic frame failures that you see on the Busted Carbon blog. Also, old steel road, touring, and mountain bikes are cheap and plentiful.