Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lunch at Panera Bread

I took my son's Trek 420 out for a ride this afternoon. There are a few things that need to be addressed. The brakes are terrible. I don't know if I should just replace the pads or replace the single pivot brakes with some dual pivots. Secondly whenever I stood for a short climb the chain would jump to the next smaller cog in back. Other than that this bike rides great.

I braved the strong winds along the trail and decided to stop off at Panera Bread for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of bikes parked out front.  The front door to Panera is maybe 50 yards from the Trinity Trails which makes this spot popular with trail users.

A quick stop along the river.

This is a sight that is becoming more common in Fort Worth. This is the group of bikes present when I arrived.

I saw this well equipped Novara when I was leaving. REI seems to be producing some nice bikes lately.

Doohickie rides the same areas as I do and has some nice photos of Fort Worth in his most recent post. I love this bike. I need to find an old 3 speed.


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  2. I happen to have another old three-speed. It needs some work, but you can have first crack at it when I get it rolling. It's not a traditional English geometry; it's more of a cruiser look, but it was made by Hercules in Birmingham, England. Waddya think of it?

  3. Rei may be making some nice bikes, but I think a drunken colorblind monkey painted that one.YUCK!!someone sneezed on my bike,gross>:(

  4. Doohickie-The Hathorne. Not a bad looking bike. Hit me up when you're done with it.

    Frankenbiker-I could probably deal with that green. What's bad are some of the color schemes on 80's road bikes, like the pink and yellow Centurion Ironman I saw the other day on Craigslist.

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