Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evening Ride 03-17-09

I should have avoided the trail.  There were lots of families out today and I was almost taken down by a little girl on a scooter. I forgot that it was spring break. 

Lots of traffic on the trail this evening.

I bought a new helmet on my last visit to City Cyclist. It's a Bell Faction. I peeled off the Bell stickers. I wanted something a little less performance oriented for the type of riding I do. So far it's been very comfortable but the weather's been cool. We'll see how it works out when we hit triple digit temperatures in a few months. 

The rain freshened up the creek. The water was looking a little nasty a couple of weeks ago.

This wonderful artwork was provided to the users of the Trinity Trails courtesy of "Speck". Speck had been busy. Not all of this was done on the same day. There is more grafitti on the other side of the bridge. I ride this trail all the time and I really don't want to see this area trashed.

A couple of weeks ago me and my son were out on an evening ride when I smelled paint fumes as we approached the bridge. I saw a pair of legs at the top of the embankment. Speck was more than a little surprised when I walked up on him and snatched him out from under the bridge. Unfortunately a couple of spray cans flew out of his backpack and into the creek. He was in the process of creating this eye pleasing design. Speck is an unemployed, presumably upper middle class, 21 year old man. I won't use his real name but I was hoping that by this time the city would have forcefully encouraged this moron to paint over this mess. If you see this tag anywhere else around town please let me know.

I think it's a little too late to do anything about this. I'd seen this bike a hundred times but I never noticed the date. I figured this had been done about that time period as there is a Van Halen logo and and Tesla drawn in the concrete a little further down the trail. 

I had just taken the photo above when the guy in the right side of this picture yelled out that he reads my blog. That was cool! Thanks for letting me know.


  1. Lots o' bikes up my way today also. I was riding along wondering where they all have been all winter. Lots of sun too, and I got more than I should have.

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  3. I hadn't seen the ca. 1984 spot in the pavement you pictured, but I know the VH logo you referred to. I see it all the time.

    Have you dropped over to my commuting blog and checked out my hybrid? City Cyclist finally got Shimano certified and replaced the recalled cranks. Besides the cranks I also have new Freddy Fenders (from Bicycle Center of Fort Worth) and Origin8 Space Bar (from City Cyclist). It was like riding a new bike to work today.

  4. Christopher-It's good to see people out riding. That's why I choose the trail over the road sometimes. I'm usually the only cyclist on the road. I like to see other riders.

    Doohickie-I like the new setup! I've been looking for you around the South Drive and I-20 area in the mornings.