Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is a Good Idea

One of my favorite bike magazines is Cycling Plus from Great Britain. I don't buy it every month because it's $9.99 an issue here in the U.S. so I usually just read through it at my LBS (local book store). I bought the March issue mainly for the touring bike and pannier reviews. There is an interesting article in this issue about British supermarket chain Waitrose loaning bike trailers for three day periods to people wanting to use their bikes to get to the store and transport their groceries back home. It's an interesting idea. You can read more about it here and here

The Bike-Hod trailers, attach to your seatpost and are supposed to be well suited for use with folding bikes. 


  1. great to know that this works both ways...
    dirt rag and bike for example cost us twice the cover price over here.
    maybe we could come to some arrangement and send each other mags on an exchange basis deal

  2. Which LBS is the one that carries Cycling Plus? I might have to check them out. Is it the one over by Harbor Freight? I've been meaning to stop in there.

  3. Dogwood-I wish we had something like that here although groceries for my family of 6 would overload that trailer.

    Placid Casual-A magazine exchange would actually be a pretty good idea. I could subscribe to a few magazines, save up a few months worth of issues and then ship them over.

    Doohickie-I picked up that particular magazine at Border at Hulen and I-30. I've seen that bookstore you're talking about but I've never been in there.