Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Evening Ride 03-07-09

Another nice ride for me and my son this evening. We rode to the new southern terminus of the Trinity Trails system in Benbrook. The Trucker seems to have developed a ticking sound near the crankset. I'm not sure what it is, it could be the pedals. It only happens when there is force applied to the drivetrain. It's not there when I spin the pedals while the bike is on the stand. Whatever it is it's driving me crazy!

I've decided to go back to using a Wald basket up front. I really like the look of the Ostrich bag but for me a basket is the best all around setup. The biggest drawback to the Ostrich bag becomes apparent when I'm off the bike. The bag comes with a narrow matching shoulder strap but it's a little awkward carrying something that boxy around with you in a store. I prefer to carry a shoulder bag (it's a very manly shoulder bag) in the basket. It's quicker to just remove the shoulder bag from the basket when I stop and the wide shoulder strap is much more comfortable. I will be selling my Ostrich bag and decaleur if anybody is interested.

The end of the line. It looks like trail construction will continue across the street sometime in the future. 

Here's my 12 year old standing near a newly constructed bridge. Whoever did the construction on this section of the trail did an excellent job.

This is the smaller of the two Wald baskets that Rivendell sells. It's just right for my needs.

Another sign of spring. I don't know what these trees are but they are everywhere.

Taking a few flowers home for mom.


  1. Wald baskets are good stuff. They also have a mesh one in that size so you don't loose little stuff out through the bottom. I have one of their smaller mesh baskets on my grocery getter that can be pulled off and used as a market basket.

    How is the Trek working out for your son?


  2. I have a ticking noise on my Raleigh Marathon as well. It's been getting progressively worse. As soon as I get my Nishiki hybrid back from City Cyclist, I'm gonna tear down the bottom bracket and see what's going on.

    I was thinking maybe pedals, but I swapped out the cranks (couldn't get one of the pedals off) and the noise is still there.

  3. Aaron-The Trek is working out great. It's a good solid basic bike. As for the basket, It's great. I'm seriously considering Wald's rack pannier combo. I think I could use them to haul my stuff for overnight camping trips.

    Doohickie-I'm going to switch out my pedals and see if the ticking goes away. I hope it's not the bottom bracket. Does your Marathon still have the original bottom bracket? Are you going to replace it with a sealed unit?

  4. spring, the surly, the trek and the boys. very cool!