Thursday, April 2, 2009

Test Print

I've dealt with one roadblock after another trying to get my shop up and running again. This is the first screen I've been able to expose with my new ghetto exposure setup. Now I just need shirts to print on.

New bike design

The screen is taped up and ready for the ink.

The first test print on a spare gray American Aparel t shirt left over from another job. I'm going to print this on a "natural" colored t shirt. Natural is kind of an off-white color.


  1. that is looking pretty rad!
    are you planning on making any low-V cuts in women sizes?... or custom for that matter.
    keep me posted ;D

  2. I love that design. Let me know when they are available.

  3. Sweet! I want at least 2, how about sweat shirts? If need be I can ship some of my shirts for custom printing ;-)


  4. I know what i want for the brake levers...

  5. I'm glad ya'll like it. It kind of reminds me of the New Belgium logo. The blank shirts should be here by mid week. I'll start printing the day they arrive. Meligrosa-I'll look into some v cut shirts. Most likely Alternative Apparel.

  6. looking good - any plans to print the design that is on the table on the first photo?


  7. Ian-I printed the Bernard Hinault design for a time but ended up having problems with the screen so I retired it. I might make a new screen and do a another run.