Friday, April 3, 2009

Tour of Flanders This Sunday!

Don't miss the Tour of Flanders this Sunday.  Even if you're not a pro cycling fan this is a fun race to watch. I always enjoy seeing elite riders forced to run their bikes up steep cobblestoned climbs. It's supposed to be dry this year which is too bad. Nasty weather always makes this race more interesting. You can go to to find a live video feed or a link to text updates. Versus will be showing the race at 4 PM central time. I've said this before, is my favorite site for race info.

This is one of a series of famous photos from the Tour of Flanders by the Great Graham Watson. No, the car actually missed the rider's foot. This climb, the Koppenberg, has been widened and improved but it still a classic.

Here's the climb from as seen from a bike mounted camera.

George Hincappie says he's feeling good this year. Poor George seems to have some of the worst luck. I hope he does well this Sunday.

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  1. and i was there...
    it was a fantastic weekend riding the sportif on saturday and watching the pros make it look easy on sunday
    pictures here --->

  2. Ian, that's awesome! I'm looking forward to your next post. Thanks for the link to the pictures.