Thursday, May 28, 2009


I was working in Oak Cliff today and decided to stop off at Hunky's Hamburgers for lunch. They make a great swiss mushroom burger! There by the front door was an orange Bike Friendly Oak Cliff (B.F.O.C.) sticker. If you arrive by bike at one of the many businesses in Oak Cliff displaying a B.F.O.C. sticker you get a discount. Pretty neat! Stop by their blog to see a list of participating businesses.

B.F.O.C. is coming up on their first anniversary. They've managed to put together some very successful themed rides in that time. The Bonnie and Clyde Tour on March 29th had over two hundred cyclist show up. I wish we had something similar to B.F.O.C. here in Fort Worth. Here's a link to a news video about the tour. 


  1. That's quite a turn out. A quick google (it may even be right) indicates that Dallas has almost two million more people that Fort Worth. I guess that density will create a more active populace. I think Dallas has a more sophisticated way about it, and Fort Worth does have a "small town feel." I'd almost bet Dallas has alleycats fairly regularly too. I think Panther City Bicycles hosts a ride. Better stop. Pretty soon it'll be too deep for me to get out.

  2. Twister-That was an amazing turn out!

    I was checking the Panther City Bicycles blog, they are starting up an evening ride with speeds from 15-21 mph and distances from 20-25 miles. While this might be considered a casual ride for roadies I don't think it would appeal to the crowd that showed up for the B.F.O.C. ride.

    I had forgotten about the architectual bike tour somebody had sponsored here some time back. I remember hearing that there was a good size crowd for that. I don't remember who put it together. I think easy rides like that appeal to a much larger, more diverse group of people than your typical shop ride.

  3. I love the idea of the stickers, who did them for you

  4. Dogwood-I agree.

    Paddy's Peleton-I'm not sure who printed their stickers but they had an Oak Cliff screen printer print their shirts. If they put their shirts and stickers up for sale online I'll be buying a couple.