Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random Stuff 05-23-09

Wow, that was really quick. My LHT sold a little over three hours after I posted it on Craigslist Friday evening. The new owner is a nice guy who's originally from Great Britain now living in Fort Worth. He told me that a group of his friends from the U.K. are planning a ride from Seattle to Boston this summer. He's going to ride with them through a portion of the route. I'm glad that my old bike will be used for the purpose it was intended, loaded touring. I asked him to send me some photos from the trip, hopefully he'll remember.

Goodbye old friend.

Random Stuff below:

VelociPete: Go to Pete's blog for photos from the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour. His wife (or girlfriend?) has lots of photos on her blog as well. The official web page for the tour looks interesting, but I haven't had a chance to spend any time there yet.

The Highway Cycling Group: This is another really cool blog from the U.K. that I recently discovered. This blog is devoted to leisure cycling.

David, the blog's author.

David's uncle used to do some amateur racing a long time ago. This is his uncle's old race bike.

Uggh...My eyes, my eyes!!!

This pristine Dave Scott Centurion road bike is currently for sale in the Dallas area Craigslist. I know I made fun of these bikes a while back, but this thing is so ugly that I strangely find myself wanting one, probably for the shock value alone. The matching saddle is what did it for me. I would wrap the bars in yellow tape and hunt down some matching vintage lycra. Once again, if you are the person selling this bike, please don't be offended as I will probably be the one buying it from you if it's still available in a few weeks.

Pondero: Christopher shows off his photographic skills and ability to talk large farm animals into posing for cycling related photos. I've mentioned his blog before, I just really like this photo.

Bike by the Sea: I've never been to California. Other than L.A. and San Francisco, I don't know much about the other cities out there. I had heard that San Diego was nice but I had never heard anything about Santa Barbara. It looks like a great place to ride.  Christa has lots of beautiful photos of these places on her blog Bike by the Sea. I found Christa's blog after she commented on one of my posts, but I saw that she was recently featured on Change Your Life, Ride a Bike (Hey, Philip's there also).


  1. Someone road one of those yellow-&-pink Centurions in our clubs time trials last week. Odd colors aside, it is a very fine bike.

  2. I'm sure it's a great bike. If I had the money I would actually buy the thing as I could use a true road bike to work out on. I would have to have it powder coated. I store my bikes on a rack in the living room. I couldn't look at that all day every day.

  3. Its hard saying goodbye to an ole bike, especially one that yourve done the miles on. Still happy memories

  4. Thanks for the links to a couple of more blogs (like I REALLY need more ;-))

    I have ridden the "other" event that is done by the same people that do Pepin. I have met some of the people have actually ridden Lake Pepin. I can't schedule my time that far in advance and the tour fills up very quickly.


  5. Get that bike and some Oakley Pilots. I'm just sayin'.

  6. I'm sad to see the LHT go - I really enjoyed looking at it. Can't imagine how you must feel. That was a sweet ride. Alas, there are other great bikes out there.

    Let me know if you buy the Centurion, I'll mail you a can of spray paint.

  7. The centurions are good frames,they ride really nicely.I had one as a single speed a while back.

  8. Hi there!

    Glad to share the SoCal bike-culture. Lots of beach cruisers.

    Really like your blog and hope to make it to Fort Worth and Austin soon! :)