Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning Ride 05-30-09

This morning I went on my first ride since I sold the Trucker. Earlier in the week I was trying to figure out how I was going to take my Nikon SLR camera along on my ride. I was going to ride my son's old Trek which is equipped with a rear rack and a trunk bag only. The camera just doesn't fit in my trunk bag with my cable lock and emergency supplies. The trunk bag is a cheap item that I bought from Bike Nashbar several years ago. I have to keep a square plastic Tupperware container in the bag so that it will maintain it's shape. There's much less room in the bag than you would think by looking at it. Luckily I've sold a few shirts during the week which gave me a little spare money. I drove over to City Cyclist and bought a Wald front basket which will alow me to carry my camera and few other items.

The Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial (it's a pro golf tournament) was in full swing today. I'm not a golf fan but I figured It would be interesting to roll by and see what was going on. I heard a radio interview with an official at the Colonial golf club who said that the majority of the top 100 pro golfers in the world would be playing. Other than Tiger Woods or Chi Chi Rodriguez I wouldn't recognize any of them if I saw them.

This is Chi Chi.

Here's the new Wald basket. I had mounted it horizontal to the ground but as I rode the handlebar mounts shifted downward leaving the basket slanted up toward the front.

I stopped off to replace the batteries in my crappy little point and shoot camera. I carry it in the top tube bag. It burns through batteries like crazy.

I ended up following these riders for a while.

On the trail and still following.

When I pulled up to the Colonial there were lots of people watching the action from outside of the fence.

Bike parking courtesy of Bicycles Inc.  

I found an opening in the bushes where I could see what was happening.

Traffic was very heavy on Colonial Parkway. As I rode away from the golf course I noticed that most neighborhood residents were charging people $20-$50 to park on their lawns. This made riding tricky as you had to watch people for people pulling out of the yards in front of you.  

Water slide for the kids.

Headed for home.


  1. Since I put my rear baskets on the Varsity (as you saw), all I have on the Raleigh DL-1 is the front basket. You can probably get more into a front basket than in a trunk bag. But then everyone can see what you're carrying.

  2. Im really liking the new ride! and the basket. Bike parking should be a global epidemic at every event, it rocks! enjoy your ride pictures, love the view from the basket ;D
    cheers! xo.m

  3. I agree Meligrosa, MORE BIKE PARKING! We do it for a lot of events hear in Cleveland OH. 137 bikes at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for earthday 2009!

  4. Doohickie-I could probably could throw everything in the front basket but steering gets a little weird. As usual I carry too much junk.

    Meligrosa-Thanks! I was surprised to see bike parking at this event but riding a bike seemed to be the quickest, easiest way to get to the action.

    frankenbiker-Since you mentioned the zoo,I remember reading about a major zoo that allowed you to actually ride your bikes through the park. That would be excellent!