Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Stuff 05-31-09

Me and my wife really like mid-century modern design. I'm alway's bringing things home that I run across when I'm out working, like an excellent Shaw-Walker tanker desk that I picked up for free (free is good). My lovely wife is always browsing through design magazines trying to find inexpensive ways to modernize what used to be a boring old house. Bikes are showing up more and more often in her magazines. Today she was browsing through the new issue of Atomic Ranch when she spotted these extremely stylish city bikes. They are made by Abici in Italy and can be purchased in the U.S. through Nest-Living

She also pointed out this Dutch made Moof bicycle she saw in the Design Public blog. This is an interesting design with a solar powered headlight and taillight intergrated into the top tube.

Since we're somewhat discussing design I wanted to point out something that's not a bike but would be really cool to have. It's the Design Within Reach Airstream travel trailer. It's been given a retro modern design complete with a Nelson Ball Clock. I think me and my wife could live comfortably in a 16' trailer. There's more info here.

I like the retro hubcaps.

I just wanted to add a couple of photos of what you can do with these old tanker desks. You can still pick them up pretty cheap if you know where to look. Steelcase furniture was all over the place when I was in the military and I never thought much about it. People are catching on and snatching this stuff up. You can find more info on the Fabulously Green blog.

Apparently you can remove the linoleum desktop which reveals a metal surface that can be shined up nicely.

They look good powdercoated also.


  1. Your wife really needs a nice vintage mixte.

    Just sayin'.

    ;- )

  2. I think you're right. Give me a price and I'll take it off your hands.

  3. I enjoy your random stuff posts. You always provide something of interest. Thanks, this time, for the expansion of my world to design and value.

  4. those are some serious good looking bikes! &I agree with doohickie!
    that last desk is smashing! here in SF anything 'vintage or retro' because is so darn hip you pay thru the nose. I was in hog heaven when I visited the stores around Austin. so rad.

  5. That last desk looks like a pint-sized version of my old government-issue USDA desk. That desk was about twice the size of the desk in the photo and weighed close to 200 lbs.