Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Stuff 05-04-09

Here's a few random things I've run across over the last few days:

Mike Giant: Thanks to Inside the Rock Poster Frame (IRPF) for posting this incredible design by artist Mike Giant. Giant draws his stuff by hand with a Sharpie. According to IRPF this is going to be released as a limited edition poster by Cinelli. 

Violet Crown Cycles: There's a new bike builder in Austin, it's Violet Crown Cycles. They are building cutom fit city bikes built up with some very nice stuff from Velo-Orange.

Betty Foy: I've got a soft spot for mixtes. This is a Betty Foy by Rivendell. You can take a look at this one over at Velo Fellow.

Another Betty Foy at Let's Go Ride a Bike.

Asbestos Press: This is my latest Etsy purchase. It's a screenprinted poster by Asbestos Press. Laura, the artist, told me that the poster was made from a photo of her 59 Hawthorne cruiser. Pretty cool! Most of her posters are very affordable at around $10 each. 

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