Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Morning Ride 05-03-09

We were pounded by a series of thunderstorms yesterday. The first one around noon was the worst with 60+ mile per hour winds and hail. This was the storm that a short while later destroyed the Dallas Cowboy's training facility.

I didn't see anything ominous on the weather radar this morning, so I jumped on my bike and rode to Barnes and Noble for this month's bike magazines. I didn't bother riding to the nearest B&N which is less than a mile away, but headed to the one that best facilitated my planned ride to the area of University Drive south of I-30. I was surprised at just how well our area weathered the storm. There were a few large branches on the ground but nothing like the damage I had expected.

This is what it looked like in front of my house yesterday as the storm arrived. 

The Cowboys' practice facility collapsed while the rookies were training. There were injuries but fortunately nobody was killed.

I took a short break after climbing this hill on Rogers Avenue just south of the river.

I had seen this community garden before but hadn't bothered to stop. 

This looks like a nice place to relax.

These are Bluebonnets, the "State Flower of Texas". There will be billions of these growing along the roads and highways in the next few weeks.

I was really surprised to see this. Dirt Rag has a new offshoot called Bicycle Times. This is great! I love Dirt Rag but I don't do much mountain biking anymore. Bicycle Times is basically Dirt Rag but geared towards commuters and the general riding that I, and most of the people that read my blog, tend to do. That's a great idea and I plan to subscribe. Please pick up a copy and let's support these guys.


  1. Great pictures. One of them reminded me of the MS 150 day one and sent shivers down my spine. great garden too

  2. That's right, you had the pleasure of experiencing one of our thunderstorms. They can get pretty scary around here, especially when the tornado sirens sound off.

  3. Did I see you turning west on South Drive, coming from southbound Wentworth early this afternoon (probably around 1:00)? I only got a quick glance (I was driving eastbound on South Drive) but I thought I saw a green bike with silver fenders. Was that you?

  4. Hey Doohickie, I turned onto South Drive from Westhaven which is near the curve. I believe Wentworth is closer to Hulen. That's about the time I got home so it was probably me.

  5. Yeah, it might have been Westhaven. I think you said you saw me on my commute once, so that makes us even.

  6. I saw the storm on the Weather Channel. Glad you and your family weren't hurt. We get dandy storms here also, but your Texas storms make ours look like sprinkles.

    I like the garden pictures! Thanks!

  7. I had seen the first copy and thought at the time, "wow that is interesting" that is how I got into biking.