Sunday, June 21, 2009

If It Weren't for Bad Luck.....

Here's a bit of advice, don't drop your digital SLR camera! I finished up a ride the other day and had my camera in my bag. As I took my bag out of my basket my camera somehow rolled out and fell from a height of about a foot to the carpeted floor below. I think it's only the lens that suffered damage. The auto focus doesn't work now. I can still operate the lens manually. Hopefully no other damage shows up later. Oh well, here are the last two photos on the memory card.

Not everything in Fort Worth is pretty. This is a wall behind a strip mall that I ride by when I'm taking shortcuts to avoid traffic.

This is a photo my son took of the tornado laden storm that was headed for us last week.


  1. there is a great artistic streak in your family, beautifully structured photos

  2. Bummer about your camera. I echo Philip's comment - great photos!

  3. Nice pics man. I'm think I'll become a storm chaser in my retirement... if I buy it, what a way to go!

  4. It's like Morton Salt; when it rains, it pours.
    Keep your chin up, weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

  5. Sorry to hear about the camera! You are having a bad streak lately. The good thing about these streaks is that they end eventually.

    That first picture... behind the old bowling alley?

  6. I'm guessing it's the Vickery st bridge @ University.

  7. Phillip & Big Oak-Thanks guys. I'm glad ya'll like the photos.

    Rantwick-My 21 year old son really wants to do some storm chasing. He's always on If you go to that web site click on the live videos link on the top left, you'll see a weather map of the U.S.. Click on one of the little cars near a storm and you can watch live video from the storm chaser at that location.

    Twister & Doohickie-I appreciated the words of encouragement.

    The wall is behind the strip mall where the old Borders Bookstore used to be, at the intersection of Hulen and I-20. When traffic gets crazy on South Drive (where I live)I'll cut through the lot behind the strip mall to the I-20 access road.

  8. Ah.

    You know, I almost got hit by a T-Bus on South a few days ago. I was in the left side of the lane going north, just north of I-20. When I went to put my hand out to signal the turn onto Whitfield, I almost touched the bus, which was passing me on the wrong side of the double yellow!

  9. I dropped my camera while on my bike for the 1st time since I received it as a gift for the holidays! I was super upset for the 1st one minute, (a lady j-walked in front of me as I was almost done putting it in its case-one handed!!) and the battery and m.card flew out. luckily the camera works just as good, or so I think. huge battle scars, but what fun would it be to ride and not take pics to share and meet other people, like you all around the bike planet?!!?

    anyhow! and what are you talking about not pretty?? I have an affinity for ugly walls. something beautiful about them! and if it isn't pretty, a bike in front of it automatically makes it so.

    ♥ from the golden state to the lons star. xo/meli

  10. Meligrosa-It's a sickening feeling watching your camera skip across the roadway. I agree with you, I don't feel right if I'm riding without my camera. It's feels weird.

    I'll keep an open mind about walls, doorways, and dumpsters, in the future.

  11. Doohickie-South Drive is tricky sometimes. Certain hours of the day it's peaceful, other times of day it downright dangerous. Traffic coming out of Gorman and Barwick are the biggest dangers. Those bus drivers are really impatient. We might need to make some calls and complain.