Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Stuff 06-13-09

I can't buy a bike yet so I don't know why I keep torturing myself by looking through Craigslist. This awesome bike showed up on CL yesterday. It's a Univega Gran Turismo. The seller wants $175 for it.

I've seen some nice examples of what can be done with the GTs. These picture are from The Unofficial Univega Appreciation thread on Bike Forums.

Red Boots Design: When I started selling on Etsy a couple of years ago there were just a handful of people printing t shirts with bike related designs. That number has grown considerably. Red Boots Design seems to be doing pretty well. I have featured their 3 Speed t shirt in the past. I saw their new shirt below on the Etsy blog the other day and thought it was cool.

Bike Love T Shirt

Chainring Capri Tights by RBD

VeloNews: The guys at VN received a set of Mavic R-Sys wheels to test. Things didn't turn out the way Mavic thought they would.

This is Mavic's 2nd generation post-recall carbon spoke R-Sys wheel.

This is the result of the damaged wheel shown above. The tester/ writer ended up with a broken shoulder.

Whale Wars: I don't try to stir up arguments or push my politics or anything else on my blog as I consider this blog a nice form of stress relief. I've recently become addicted to Whale Wars on Animal Planet. It has got to be one of the most entertaining shows on television. I don't know or care if you agree with what the activists on this ship are doing, what makes this show so enjoyable is watching the man in charge, Captain Paul Watson, do everything in his power to kill his crew of clueless volunteers. According to the captains own words, he was kicked out of Greenpeace for being too extreme and aggressive. The ignorance and total lack of responsible decision making by everybody on this ship is incredible! If you've never seen this show before, watch the most recent episode here, it's excellent! The captain, who always seems to be locked in his room when dangerous stuff is happening, ends up getting the ship stuck in ice. The hull of the ship is being crushed by icebergs which leads to a great scene where one of the camera crew abandons his camera below deck to prepare to abandon ship. Good stuff!


  1. That Univega has great potential and the price seems good. I'm sure you'll find something when you are ready. You've already shown your ability to find rare treasures.

  2. I punish myself looking at one of the Trek 1.5's. The pearl white and metallic black....ooh baby. I've gone to the BikeInc on Granbury Rd and groped it a couple of time, but I just can't bring myself to pull the switch.

  3. Can't you just convince Doohickie to find a bike in the trash somewhere? He seems to have a talent for that. The Univega will still be waiting...

  4. How's the bike hunting going? Find anything that you're about to make the leap for?

  5. Steve A-That's a great idea! Doohickie has got a nose for dumpster bikes.

    Twister-I've still got some medical bills to pay but hopefully next month I'll be buying something. I'm not sure if I'm going to wait on another touring bike or pick up a nice 3 speed. There's been some nice stuff on CL lately. The wait is frustrating!

  6. Christopher-That Univega would have been perfect.