Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning Ride 07-11-09

I was conflicted this morning. I wanted to watch the Tour, but I also wanted to ride before the temperatures hit 100 plus degrees. Since this stage doesn't end with a climb, I figured I would catch the replay later in the day.

I had read about a new Mexican restaurant on 8th Street called Paco & John Mexican Diner. It's supposed to be really good, and more importantly, inexpensive. I was in the mood for a plate of migas, so Paco & John's was my destination.

I was thankful for the shade as I rode through the TCU campus area. Even though I was taking it easy I was already sweating.

I find something new everytime I ride through the neighborhoods around TCU.

This is a nice little neighborhood garden. It appears to be filled with native plants and flowers. I guess that keeps the watering to a minimum.

My favorite cycling cap.

Quiet roads north of Park Hill and west of 8th.

Darn you Paco & John!!! Their website says that they open at 10 AM on Saturdays. A chalkboard sign in the window said that they wouldn't be opening till 11 AM. I was hungry so I took off looking for food.

Eqyptian Food. I don't have any idea what Egyptian's eat but I'll have to give this place a try.

I've eaten at Benito's before. It's not bad, but I wanted to eat somewhere different.

This is Ellerbe Fine Foods. It's a restaraunt as well as a market selling upscale foods as well as pre-packaged meals.

I ended up stopping at the Gallery Art Cafe on Jennings.

I was surprised to find migas on the menu. I was even more surprised that I enjoyed them. They weren't anything like my grandmother used to make, but they were tasty. The Breakfast Blend coffee was really good.

The new bike lane on Magnolia Avenue.

Texas hippies like to paint their vehicles.

This is one of the coolest houses in town. I had to sneak this photo as the homeowners were working in the garage.


  1. You're on Buchanan's stomping grounds. =) That's a pretty neat looking pickup. I believe the house is owned by a young woman (at least is used to be) that is also an architect. If memory serves there was an article about her in the star-telegram. The name of her firm escapes me and I couldn't find it on the web. It might be you could google the address of the house and discover it.

  2. Um, what's a Miga? It looks kind of like a quiche/omelette. Can I assume it has some heat to it?

  3. Twister-Thanks for the background. I'll see if I can find that article. That is an interesting vehicle.

    Rantwick-It's corn tortillas cut into squares and fried. They are mixed in with scrambled eggs, mexican cheese, and assorted ingrediants such as onions, bacon, chilies etc. They are really good. They are not necessarily spicy, it depends on your taste. Sometimes they are called chilaquiles. Migas may just be the Tex-Mex word for the same dish. If you have a Mexican food restaurant near you, give them a try. The only thing I like better are Lengua (cow tongue) tacos. They are excellent!

  4. Heh. I took pictures over at the Maria J. Lamb garden yesterday; I just haven't had a chance to put them up yet. My wife's sister and niece are here from Albany, New York, and we went to the zoo yesterday. Since our largest car seats five and there were six of us, I rode over to the zoo. On the way back I stopped at the garden.

  5. Oh man, I love migas! I lived in Austin for a few years, and I haven't seen migas anywhere else since. Yum.

  6. Meligrosa sent me this link great to see texans into the outdoors and cycling. I live in San Francisco, hope to be coming back to Texas soon, as I did a 3 yr. stint in Austin and I miss the migas y queso!!


  7. Doohickie- I hope your family is handling the heat well. I imagine there is a slight temperature difference between here and Albany.

    Apertome-Wow, I thought there were Mexican restaurants everywhere.

    tunino-I need to thank Meligrosa for that. I've heard there are lots of people from San Francisco moving to Austin for the lower cost of living (the cost of living in Austin is high for Texas). Austin has some great Tex-Mex restaurants.

    Thanks for stopping by Anthony.

  8. I like the rides you take. Pretty cool the stuff a person can see in their own neighborhood. The restaurant photos and the description of migas is making me hungry.

  9. Heidi was a trooper. We did the whole ride fine. We just had to make one stop to cool off.... at City Cyclist. ;- )

  10. Big Oak-I enjoy my rides around my area of town but I'm ready for a little change of scenery. I'm thinking about heading over to Dallas to do some riding sometime soon.

    Doohickie-I hope business is going well for the folks at City Cyclist. It's been several weeks since I've stopped by.

  11. I guess they sold a couple recumbents this week, so that should keep the lights on for a little while.

  12. Buchanan has a current article about the house we discussed a while back about the house in question.

  13. Twister-Thanks for the link. I didn't think the house was that old! I'd like to see the interior.