Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stress Relief

I arrived home after work yesterday, hot and tired. I really didn't want to do anything physical. Having eaten a Quarter Pounder with cheese and fries for lunch that day, I felt guilty and thought that I had better get off of my rear end and ride. I'm glad I did. Work has been stressful lately and riding seems to put me in a much more relaxed mood. Unfortunately I've been averaging only one ride per week. I need to resume my 5 AM rides.

Things cooled off nicely late in the afternoon.

I'm still browsing bike sites trying to figure out just what I want to buy sometime in the not too distant future. A thread in Bike Forums brought this bike to my attention, it is a KHS Green 3 speed city bike. By coincidence the bike was favorably reviewed in the latest issue of Bicycling Times magazine, although it is also being sold as the Manhattan Green. Manhattan and KHS are one and the same. It sells for around $370 and is made from simple, low-tech hi-tensile steel. I think a beat up old Brooks would be a nice addition to this bike. I could see myself riding one of these.

The Green is also comes in a woman's step thru frame.


  1. Oh, I forgot to ask... is that Overton Park?

  2. When people post bikes they are considering, I always end up saying "hey, that's a nice bike!", because when it comes down to it I think I just like all bikes. Not very helpful really, when I think about it.

    Steve A - I know 21" is a little big for a 33" inseam, but with the sloping top tube, don't you think he could get away with it? I did notice that there aren't many stem options here with this type of cycle...

  3. Steve-Now you've got me curious. What type of bike is it? Is it something you came across at a garage sale?

    Doohickie-Yes, that's Overton Park north of Ranch View. It's always nice and shady there.

    Rantwick-I'm the same way. I enjoy the window shopping.

  4. Yeah, riding is a great stress reliever!

    I would think that in that price range, a nicer used bike might be be a better way to go, if you can find something appropriate. It seems like you're looking into that already.

  5. Yep. My hot weather commute follows Overton Park East to Inwood. Lots of shade and mostly flat.

  6. Free-to-me bike. 24" frame. French. Late enough in the bike boom to have Japanese/French mix. None of this modern-day sloping tube stuff.

    BUT there's another. Also 24." Also French. Bought by myself new in 1972 at a LBS that didn't care enough not to sell an ignorant high schooler a bike that wasn't way too big. Cost $100 at the time. It's got a bent seatstay that might be able to be straightened. IF it wasn't bigger than I'm now willing to ride. This is a bike that had the paint ridden off it.

  7. Apertome-I'll be buying an old used bike, but I like checking out the new stuff. Especially city bikes.

    Doohickie-What time do you get off work each day? I'm surprised that I haven't run into you more often.

    Steve A-You need to post some pictures of your old French bike. I'd like to see it.

  8. It's nice. Not quite my style, (like that matters) but that's the beauty of Bicycles: we can be much more individual with our choice of steed.
    Please post pics if you get one...

  9. I tested the ladies step through version of the Green and loved it! Very elegant. It felt very similar to a Dutch bike I had just ridden but had a slimmer frame. It was on sale for only $200! Sweet deal but I had to pass at the time.

  10. She Rides a Bike-$200 is a great deal. If I were lucky enough to find one at that price I would have to buy it.