Sunday, September 6, 2009

Afternoon Ride 09-06-09

I hadn't ridden my new old bike since I overhauled the hubs and bottom bracket. I had damaged the chain while trying to reinstall one of the pins, so I made a quick trip to the closest bike shop and picked up an 8 speed Sram chain with a quick link. I had read in the Bike Forums that an 8 speed chain would work with my 6 speed freewheel. The quick link is a wonderful invention. I did some minor brake adjustment and wheel truing and then hit the road. I was impressed with how quiet smooth the bike rode. It's amazing what a difference a little grease and a new chain makes.

Apparently these two turkeys have become used to people. I walked to the bench and sat there for a time and they never ran off. They actually chased after me making odd noises when I rode away.

Nice shiny drive train.

I stopped off at Starbucks and wandered over to Pearl Izumi to check out their Labor Day sale, and then rode north on the trail for a while. So far it was a great ride. I turned around and headed for home. After a while I noticed a clicking sound that continued to grow louder and louder as I rode. I determined that it was coming from the non-drive side of my bike. I was hoping that it was just my pedal, but unfortunately I soon discovered that it was my non-drive side crank arm. There was no noticeable play as I moved the arm from side to side. I pulled off the trail and called for my son to pick me up. He arrived a short while later with a ratchet set. Sure enough, the crank arm was loose. I hope I haven't ruined it but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to find a replacement.


  1. A few items...

    1. You are magic with old bikes, and that one looks really nice.

    2. What is the plan for the bars? Keeping the drops? Or changing to more upright?

    3. I might have an extra crankset, lemme check. If I do, and it works for you, it's yours.

    4. Any news on the Fort Worth Fall group ride?

  2. I don't think you damaged it. Just cinch the thing down and retighten after a few miles. It's a taper fit anyway.

    That half step and granny setup is a classic touring bike arrangement. Frankenbike had half step gearing until I went to the interal gears and my wife's Nishiki also has them. I liked the setup a lot once I got used to it.

    One question - does that Suntour front derailleur shift "backwards" compared to other makes? It was a unique feature of them in the early 70's but they might have given up on the "better idea" by the time they built your bike.

  3. Looks great! And the pictures, as usual, are awesome.

    I didn't want to push the Fall Group Ride after pulling a muscle in my back, but I am just about ready to call myself fully recovered. Also, my Raleigh DL-1 is back in action after sitting in my garage with a flat tire for a few weeks. I took it for a short ride around the neighborhood and it's riding better than ever. Are we going to try to set up the ride for this month?

  4. I may get my bike out for this. It'll be its maiden voyage. So, if I do, you'll forgive me if I look and act like a complete dork.

  5. RTP, The bike looks great! The pictures, especially the composition, are great also!!

    Peace :)

  6. Christopher-Thanks, I'm conflicted about what style of bars to use. I like the setup I had on the LHT with the inverse brake levers on the Albatross bars. They were extremely comfortable and I had many good hand positions available. I've also thought about keeping the original look of the bike by mounting some wide drop bars and keeping the non-aero brake levers. The only problem is that I've become spoiled with having the extra cargo capacity and quick access to items in a front basket. I don't see that working with drop bars.

    Since Doohickie keeps having his "old man" problems, we might consider doing the ride in October. What do you guys think?

    Steve-I'm embarrassed to say that I've previously screwed up a pair of cranks the same way. I went on a ride, the crank arm loosened, the hole rounded out making it impossible to tighten properly.

    This bike is equipped with Suntour shifters but has the Shimano Deer head derailleurs. When I move the left shifter towards the downtube, the front derailleur moves outward.

    Doohickie-I was thinking it might be a good idea to move the ride to October to give us a little more time to plan, and you some more time to heal. What does your schedule look like for October?

    Twister-Dorkiness will not be frowned upon. Like I tell my kids, it's okay to be a dork.

    Chandra-Thank for the compliments on my developing photographic skills.

    Do you think you would be able to make it to a group ride next month?

  7. Bear in mind that the trailhead between Rogers and University will be closed (starting tomorrow) for reconstruction. So that won't work. Maybe the Bryant Irvin trailhead to meet up?

    Let me throw a date out there: Saturday, October 3. What does everyone think of that date?

  8. Doohickie-I think October 10th or 17th would work better for me. I'll be in Austin the last week of the month.

    I'm glad they're fixing the line of sight problem at University and Rogers. I've always been concerned about colliding with other riders under the bridges.

  9. RTP,
    I will do definitely try to join.

    Where do we ride and how long is the ride?

    I don't ride fast. I average 10-12 mph. Is that cool?

    Peace :)

  10. Chandra-We're still working out the details but we'll probably do a slow paced, ride near downtown Fort Worth, the Stockyards, or somewhere else interesting. 10-12mph is about the speed I was thinking of.

  11. RTP,
    I haven't been to any of those places in FW. Glad you are inclusive of slow, older folks!
    E-Mail me if you want to!!
    Peace :)