Thursday, September 10, 2009

Evening Ride 09-10-09

I rarely get to take weekday rides anymore, thankfully I was able to fit one in this evening. I really needed the chance to get out and relax for awhile.

Things started out nice and sunny, but thunderstorms started rolling in. I made it home just in time to avoid getting wet.

This section of trail passing under University is going to be reworked. As you can tell from the photo, you pick up speed going down hill, but you can't tell if there is anybody coming from the opposite direction. The grade is supposed to be reduced and the line of sight improved.

I'm sure this has been the site of many collisions over the years.

Fire Station No. 8

This is the first time I've ever paid attention to this little church. It looks abandoned.

Some interesting flowers growing over a fence. Does anybody have an idea what these might be?


  1. I've been on that trail several times, but I've never gone under the bridge. I always turn right and go to the Starbucks at the B&N store.

    Those ARE interesting flowers! I have no idea what they are.

  2. The vine is trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans).

    Do you know if the boots outside the fire station is a tribute to the fallen fire fighters on Sept. 11?

    Just think of all of the stories of the lives of the people from that little church.

    Nice tour!

  3. Steve-I keep forgetting that you live up north. I stop at that Starbucks and Panera quite often. Quick and easy access from the trail.

    Big Oak-Awesome, thanks for the flower ID. Apparently they attract humming birds

    I've seen the boots out there before. I believe they are just drying them out. I was thinking of 9-11 when I saw them and thought the photo was kind of fitting.

    I sure there are some great stories surrounding that church. I'd like to get inside and take a look.

  4. I'm glad you got a ride in, considering it's supposed to rain the rest of the weekend.