Saturday, January 23, 2010

Denim Ride Photos

So what happens when you act like a wimp and skip a ride because of a little inclement weather? You miss out on a great time. It was raining all morning in Fort Worth so I stayed home hoping that the ride would be rescheduled. A group of hardy souls showed up despite the rain and made the ride a success.

Fortunately Ron was there, and was kind enough to send me these photos of the group. I really regret not having been there. Thanks for the photos Ron.


  1. I am pleased to see that the bib overall contingent was represented.

  2. Howdy all! That's a lot of BLUE!The skulls and spurs were a nice touch,Cowboys and "GIRLS" enjoying there iron horses.Yippie ky yay ay!

  3. Pondero-I laughed when I saw that guy's photo. I remembered that you were planning to sport a pair.

    frankenbiker-It looks like they had a good time. If the weather had cooperated I think attendance would have been huge.

  4. Gotta love Texas ... what a fun group!