Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gearing Up

I've been thinking about doing an S24O for some time, I just needed to gather a few more items to be comfortable. My most pressing need was a decent tent. I thought about toughing it out by sleeping under a tarp and mosquito netting but changed my mind when I visited Backwoods today. I found a relatively inexpensive two man tent with lots of mesh, its a North Face Rock 22. The only thing I'm lacking now is a stove but I'll get by with some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on my first trip.

I bought these bags about 12 years ago, they've been in storage for most of that time. I laid them out to check for spiders. They both need to be washed.

The blue one is a 15 degree North Face Cat's Meow synthetic filled bag. The other is Kelty 15 degree down filled bag.

Old and heavy inflatable sleeping pad.

My new tent. I haven't figured out the best way to carry this. Should I split things up with the rainfly and poles in one smallish pannier and tent body and footprint in the other? I could just bungee cord it to the top of my basket. It's a bit too wide to fit in the basket and is longer than my rear rack.

I hope to get lots of use out of this tent.

If you have kids you know what happens the moment you set up a tent.


  1. In our experience modern tents don't seem to last very long. SMWBO had one years ago that went 3 season but she uses them up in about two. She was camping in the rain a lot and they would start to leak. On most the zipper in the fly is dead the first year. She learned to guy this type of tent for wind problems. They are light and easy to set up but the wind takes them down usually about 3 am in the rain.
    Me I stay home in my nice cozy dry bed.

  2. You should count yourself lucky that kid didn't take a paintball gun into the tent and shoot it at you from inside the "fort!"

  3. We use a alcohol stove made from a soda can, it works pretty good, plus its fairly easy to make yourself. There are lots of diy guides on the web. The best part is they are really cheap.

  4. Oldfool-I can't even imagine using a tent to the point of wearing it out. That's a lot of camping. I guess you trade durability for lightweight with these new tents.

    Steve A-That sounds like a story that needs to be told. I bet cleanup was a pain in the rear.

    Brian and Monica-Thanks,that's a good idea. I'll find a guide and give it a shot.

  5. Well, you and Chandra are gearing up. It looks like you guys could launch a multi-continent expedition. That, or maybe a local overnighter.

    It looks like between the three of us, we've got Lake Grapevine surrounded. Any camping out there?

  6. Pondero-I don't know too much about Lake Grapevine. I've been thinking about Mineral Wells State Park although it would be a bit far for Chandra.

  7. An alcohol stove made from soda cans...sounds kinda dangerous to me. Of course, I'm probably wrong, it's just my overactive imagination picturing someone engulfed in flame and shrieking bloody murder,(worse) until they're not. Like I said, I'm just a Nervous Nellie. As you were.

  8. You're pretty well-equipped at this point, I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures. Can't wait to get out there myself!

    I haven't worn out any tents, new or old, recently, so I am not sure why "Oldfool" has had so much trouble ... then again, I don't go camping constantly.

  9. I forgot to mention, my tent poles are too long to fit in a pannier, even collapsed. So I use a velcro zip tie to attach them to my top tube. Might work for you, too.