Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bike Friendly Fort Worth's ride to Prairie Fest

Trinity Bicycles was the launch pad for the first official Bike Friendly Fort Worth (BFFW) group ride. The destination was Prairie Fest, which according to their web page is "A festival to celebrate our connection to the natural world through music, art, dance, environmental stewardship, and wildflower tours."

We rode away from the shop about 10:30 AM with a good natured group of about thirty riders. The morning was beautiful if a bit windy.

We took a short break to regroup.

And another short break at the top of a climb.

Ray and Rose

We arrived at the festival and went looking for the bike corral.

Secure bike parking courtesy of the Boy Scouts. I'm glad these bike corrals are catching on.

BFFWers checking out the box of bees and chatting with a beekeeper at the Batsmith Creek Beeyard display. By the way, these guys will remove swarms from your property.


This Rivendell Roadeo didn't belong to anyone in our group. I haven't seen too many Rivendells in Fort Worth.

Me and Paul (aka Twister) ended up leaving early. We stopped at Risky's BBQ downtown and grabbed a bite to eat before heading back home.


  1. As a kilt wearer I was surprised that they allow kilts in Fort Worth even in pipe bands. I liked it and I should have known better seeing that it is a town that calls cow shit what it is instead of cow poop like Dallas. I am tied to Fort Worth in my memories because of my mom and dad (deceased). Not something I can change so I pay attention. I've been there many times but in different circumstances than one would experience living there.

  2. Looks like it was a great time!