Monday, April 26, 2010

Russ & Laura in Fort Worth

Russ & Laura braved yesterday's strong winds and pushed on into Fort Worth. I thought for sure that they would take the day off and rest but they were interested in doing some sightseeing around town. I offered to meet up with them and give them a brief tour. We ate lunch at La Familia and then rode over to visit with the good folks at Colonel's Bicycles. By the way, while at Colonel's I learned that Mike, the owner of A.N.T, is originally from Fort Worth. That's cool, I love his work! We rode by Trinity Bicycles but unfortunately neither Bernie nor Bryan were in at the time. We then headed over to the Fort Worth Water Gardens and spent a little time there before parting ways. I enjoyed my visit with them, they're good people. I had a million questions I wanted to ask about touring but I figured that I'd wait until the presentation on Wednesday.

We rode through the Fairmount neighborhood in the Near Southside.

Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Russ doing what he does best.

Don't forget Russ and Laura's presentation is at 7:30 PM, Wednesday night at Trinity Bicycles. At about 5:30 PM we'll be riding over to Magnolia Avenue for dinner. I hope to see you there.


  1. I hope to see the presentation. I definitely will NOT be able to make it there much before that. It's a long way from Alliance to T&P, especially if I stop home first.

  2. Sorry, I rode out to eagle mountain lake today.

  3. Myles,
    Thanks for the information and the nice post. I would have definitely tried to make it to this event had I been in town. Just got back from SPI tonight.

    Peace :)