Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lonestar Goldsprints at Trinity Bicycles

Trinity Bicycles hosted Lonestar Goldsprints yesterday evening as part of their not quite open yet-grand opening. Their building hasn't been completed but it's close. They managed to pack in an enthusiastic crowd to watch the evenings activities.

Dylan Holt, the man responsible for the evenings entertainment. He and Christina Sebastian (seated) are two of the founders of Bike Friendly Arlington.

I had the opportunity to meet Ron, aka Lonelobo in our BABBLE group. That's him on the right. The person on the left is my oldest kid, Jacob. It was nice to spend a little time with him, as he is heading off to the Air Force next month.


  1. Looks like Trinity will be a cool place to check out next time I'm in FW.

  2. I'd hoped to go, but that strong southeast wind meant it was after 6:30 when I got home. What time did things wrap up? Did they give a tour of the facilities? Im jealous they located so close to Panther City Cyles instead of somewhere like, well, like Colleyville.

  3. I wanted to go also, but I didn't. Took the wife out to dinner instead.