Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Ride with Chandra

I made arrangements to meet up with Chandra at the train station this morning. The plan was to ride on over and see what was happening at the 25th Annual Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth. We had originally intended to do an S24O this weekend but things fell through.

I was running late so I took a few shortcuts as I headed from home to the train station.

This pulled up behind me as I was waiting for the light to change at Cantey and 8th.

I rolled up and caught Chandra snapping photos.

Just before we left the train station we saw this Apache coming in for a landing. Of course we then had to search it out to get a look.

I'm not sure what it was doing here. It's possible they were getting ready to roll it into the convention center.

We safely left our bikes in the capable hands of the folks manning the bike corral.

Having the corral available made for a pleasant visit. Last year I walked my bike through the crowds.

Here's Chandra making friends.

Fort Worth aka Panther City

I don't know who they were but they played a nice rendition of Tumbling Tumbleweeds.

Nice setup!

After taking in the sights at the festival we headed south to Spiral Diner. Chandra is a vegetarian so this is the first place that came to mind.

I had a portabello quesadilla. Since this is a vegan restaraunt there was no cheese in the thing but whatever the substitute was, it was tasty.

Chandra rode back to the train station on his new Rohloff equipped Thorn Nomad. This is a serious touring bike. The placement of the front brake behind the fork was something that I hadn't seen before. I suppose its to prevent interference from the panniers.


  1. Looks like a great time. That quesadilla looked delicious!

  2. It was a pleasant afternoon. I almost always ride alone so it was nice to have some company for a change.

    The meal was good and was surprisingly filling. I expected to still be hungry afterwards, like when I eat a salad.

  3. I would have liked to join you, except... this weekend just kind of filled up on me. I never even made it to the Art Festival.

  4. hey myles, very nice post with great photos. you have done a very thorough job!
    thanks for a great tour of the fest and parts of fw.

    peace :)

  5. Doohickie-We'll get a group together next year. Hopefully you can make it to Trinity Bikes on Friday.

    Chandra-I enjoyed it.

  6. Excellent!
    Especially the background story on Pantherville...more usefull/less information to stick into the cerebral archives. LOL


  7. Vegan restaurant? I spent 11 years as a vegetarian, the last four as a vegan. And not once did I come across a vegan restaurant. I would have been in heaven.

  8. i really enjoy seeing all the posts by my texan bloggy friends :DDDDD
    makes me smile big, i really like that star rack?! we should have bear ones here in calif. je jeee

    chandra beardless, almost didnt recognized him!!
    so cool - you guys are the best

    greetings from SF + much caffeinated luv