Saturday, August 28, 2010

Morning Ride 08-28-10

Yesterday was a state holiday, LBJ's birthday, which meant no work for me. In what has now become a tradition I celebrated with a ride downtown.

The newest addition to my wardrobe. I'm trying to keep the sun off my neck.

Just north of the trail is a large train yard. Not too far beyond that is H.E.B. Central Market, an especially cool grocery store. There is no bike friendly way of crossing the train yard which means you have to ride a long way around it. What should be a ride of about a mile from this point turns into a ride of about six miles to get to Central Market. I had seriously considered riding into one of the openings you see off in the distance to cross under the train yard. It's usually dry.

Here's a closer view. There's a construction worker dressed in orange at the bottom right of the photo which gives you an idea of the size of the openings.

The road that curves off to the left leads you up a 12% grade climb known as Radio Shack Hill. The glass building on the right is the Radio Shack corporate headquarters/ Tarrant County College. You normally have to climb this hill if you want to ride downtown from the Trinity Trails. I decided not to climb the hill and instead rode along a dirt trail that followed the river.

I stopped for a short break in the shade before riding through the old abandoned Radio Shack parking facilities. Employees use a parking garage now.

A quick ride through downtown.

In the area of the zoo. I had never noticed this before.


  1. What's the story behind the "Automotive traffic only" photo?

  2. I don't think I said it before: I really like that rack lock bag you made.

  3. I don't blame you for avoiding the 12 percent grade. I ran into a couple of those on my rides to FW.

    Glad you got out and rode!

    Peace :)

  4. JRA - I agree - the rack lock bag is very cool. I might make one using my Swedish Gas Mask Bag:

    Looks like an interesting ride. I like urban adventures, when you find secret ways that are off limits to cars and little known by anyone else.

  5. Steve A-Thats the mechanism that raises the arm to let you into to the old Radio Shack parking lot.

    limom-Ha! I dig it also.

    John Romeo Alpha-Thanks. I thinking about making an improved version when I can buy some heavier fabric.

    Chandra-I don't mind the climb, it the profuse sweating when I reach the top that I don't care for.

    theeverydaycyclist-I like the military gas mask bag idea. I was going to check with the local military surplus store and see if the had any unserviceable duffle bags, tents, or rucksacks that I could pick up cheap and recycle.

  6. You normally have to climb this hill if you want to ride downtown from the Trinity Trails.

    That, or follow 7th Street east from the north end of Trinity Park; I do that frequently. You have to follow the 7th Street bridge over the river, but I've never had any issue with traffic there.

    I've never really had trouble with Radio Shack hill. Today, though, I almost met my match on Merrick near Burton Hill.

    Downtown Fort Worth is a great ride. I love it.