Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Progress on the Lotus

I came home early from work today so I set about making some minor changes to my son's Lotus. I removed the toe clips and straps. I also removed the painfully inadequate original saddle and replaced it with the well broken in saddle from the Raleigh Folder. As funds allow I'll be replacing the brake hoods, bar tape, and all cables. I also need to find a way to add water bottle cages. So far I've replaced the chain and wheelset, these items were cannibalized from my wife's bike, she's not using it at the moment. These changes made a huge improvement in the way the bike rides and sounds, it's smooth and quiet. With the minor changes done, I'm now just sitting in my house with curtains drawn and fans blowing, hiding from the oppressive heat. It's 105 degrees today (that 40.6 Celsius for you folks from outside the U.S.)! If everything works out I may go for a ride after sunset.

This is the first time that I've come across this type of seatpost where the nuts unscrew towards each other. It's not my favorite setup. It's an old SR.

I plan to replace Wrights with a new Brooks.

Velo-Orange sells clamps that can be used to attach water bottle cages in the manner pictured below. I also found this one site that details practically every possible manner of mounting a water bottle to your bike.


You guys know how much I like discovering new blogs. Especially new blogs by locals. Check out Musings of a Wannabe Wanderer and find out what the picture below is all about. Be sure to welcome him to the wonderful world of blogging.


  1. You can also get the clamps through Amazon that are made by Minoura. I just got a Minoura Besso.

  2. Your new "title/header" photo is fantastic. The way those bolts face each other makes me feel all nervous inside.

    40.6! Although I speak F pretty well, I do appreciate the C reading. That is insane.

    I'm off to visit your wanderer.