Saturday, August 14, 2010

Texas Has Ugly Fish

I worked in a quick ride this morning before the temperatures climbed too high:

I couldn't resist riding on the dirt, even though the trail was less than a quarter mile long.

With the completion of the fishing pier this portion of the Trinity Trails upgrade is done.

It's nice. I wonder what kind of fish you could catch in the Trinity River? Hmmmmm....

How about a nice alligator gar. This world record gar was killed in the Trinity River with a bow and arrow.

Here's an article in the Wall Street Journal about alligator gar.


  1. That big guy has been in the river a long time. It was Mr. Gar's unfortunate experience to meet up with someone greedy for a trophy. Greedy still, out on the river cussing the unseen fish moving through the dark water and mumbling a fisherman's incantations that he hopes will lure another old man, to take his hook.

  2. Love that first photo. The bike, the dirt path, the fence. I bet it was an excellent quarter mile.

    I think my bride and I (yes, both!) are planning to take a short ride on the Trinity Trail next Saturday morning. We have stuff to do in town, and I think she wants to amuse me.

  3. The narrow dirt path through the grass looks wonderful! The asphalt is less enticing, but still nice. You are fortunate to have such trails in the city.

  4. I can't help but think that it's a bit unfair to call the old gar an ugly fish. There must be something aesthetically pleasing about a creature that has such prehistoric roots and yet is still able to thrive in the cesspool that we've seen the Trinity become. There's a small place in my heart for the Alligator gar, and it's slightly smaller cousins. Besides, an old river rat once told me that gar meat is mighty tasty if you can get around the bones.