Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Ride 09-05-10

I ordered a pair of inverse brake levers from Trinity Bicycles. Friday afternoon Bryan sent me a message on Facebook letting me know that the levers had arrived. So this afternoon I was off to Trinity.

A short delay. Traffic was backed up so I just sat in the shade and waited for things to die down.

I'm really excited about this. Avoca Coffee will be opening in the old Sundance Scooter location. They'll be roasting their own coffee on site. We've been needing an independently owned coffee house for some time

I stopped for a quick break and a photo.

Here's Bryan, one of the owners of Trinity Bicycles, and a darn good guy.

Riding through downtown to the Trinity Trails.

I've seen this cable setup for several months now and wondered what it was. I would never have guessed it's actual use.

The cable drags you through the water at a high speed towards the jump in the photo following this one. I kept thinking about the alligator gar photo I posted a little while back.

The wakeboarding business is an interesting addition to Trinity Park. I'm personally not much of a water sports guy but I hope it does well.

Trail maintenance encountered on my return trip. They added a detour that can be seen on the right side of the photo.

The dirt detour continues up this hill and goes on for about a quarter of a mile. It was actually alot of fun to ride.

I'll be installing the levers on an old set of Albatross bars which will go on my Takara touring bike. I hope to have this done by the end of next week.


  1. What's the color/pattern of the Cinelli tape?

  2. Mrs. Pondero and I saw the wakeboarding during our stroll down the trail. That was new to me also.

    Regarding the inverse brake levers, please give us an update on how they perform. I have not given up on the albatross bars and have these levers in mind for an upcoming project.

  3. Steve A-It's natural cork color. I'm going to try staining it brown with screen printing ink so it matches my saddle, then I'm going to shellac it so that it resists wear.

    Pondero-I had a pair on my Surly. I really liked them. They feel like standard levers but they free up loads of bar space. The only downside is that you have to wrap your little finger around the back of the levers on steep downhills to prevent your sweaty hands from sliding forward.

  4. Especially loved the photos of the train and the steeple, Myles!

    Trinity Bicycles is a great shop. However, I don't know if I can trust someone with that thick a beard .

  5. Chandra-Ha! Didn't you say that you were growing yours out? You better get working on it.

    B.T.W. I like the soap that you guys made for Trinity Bikes. Very nice.

  6. I'm looking forward to see how the inverse levers and bar tape look on your bike. I predict it'll be really cool looking.

    I wonder if they could hook that cable to bikers? It'd be a great way to get up big hills.

  7. Big Oak-I just installed the levers. I'll be posting photos soon.

  8. Is that first picture on Bilglade right by Granbury? It looks just like a pic I took there several months ago!

    Chandra: My wife is wondering why I just laughed out loud (it was your post).

    Big Oak: You probably need to come down to Fort Worth and do a personal assessment on the inverse levers. I have a pair I plan to use myself on a project...

  9. Doohickie-It was taken on Park Place near 8th, by the Mexican food place you wrote about not too long ago. Now that I think about it, I need to swing by there and pick up some pan dulce.