Thursday, November 11, 2010

Afternoon Ride 11-11-10

Less than a week ago I was commenting about our lack of fall color. On my ride today (I had the day off) I noticed quite a change. It's like somebody flipped a switch and our trees changed from green to gold and red in unison.

Here's a typical neighborhood street here in Fort Worth.


My scrappy little Charlie Brown tree has kicked things up a notch.

The sky was mostly cloudy today. When the sun did peek out the cormorants at Trinity Park took advantage.

Unfortunately, my wife neglected to feed me before I left the house. I showed my displeasure by stopping by Fred's and eating something unspeakably fattening and unhealthy. That will teach her.

Lone Star Beer, "The national beer of Texas".

The next house in my series of ride by photographs of mid-century homes. This house is on a dead end road which made it difficult to be inconspicuous.


  1. Someone flipping the fall color switch was exactly what I was thinking on my way home tonight.

  2. Thanks for the additional photos of the homes. To my eye, those in your previous post had a lot of similarities... I wonder if they were designed by the same architect, or if there was a particular style in vogue at the time they were built?

    To make your self inconspicuous, you've got to design some sort of camera that mounts on your bike -- disguised as a gear shifter or bell or something. Or maybe on a helmet?

  3. The trees here go from green to green or leaves to no leaves. Ain't very picturesque.
    Lone Star hasn't been the same since 1976 when they sold to Olympia.
    That sandwich didn't hurt your wife a bit but it took some time off your life. I would be willing to trade a few months for it.
    You can take a picture of anyone's house and they can't do a damn thing about it.

  4. Your lunch looks good. I also like the style of houses you are showing and would love to see the insides of them... do you think you could disguise yourself as a delivery man and take a few shots of the inside when the door opens?? :))

  5. I also noticed a major upsurge in color and some leaves on the ground.

  6. The color is looking great! Most of our trees are bare now. I love cormorants. They're both beautiful and hilarious.

    Also, your lunch is to die for. Looks delicious.

  7. Tanglewood, I'm guessing. Artery jammers, make the best food.