Friday, November 12, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Crocs?

For the past 8 to 10 months, I've been wearing a pair of Crocs when I'm hanging out at the house. They're not actually Crocs, but the much cheaper ($7) Wal-Mart version of the infamous foam rubber clogs. I was initially hesitant to buy a pair but my son's had absconded with two pairs of slip on Van's that I used to keep around for household leisure wear. I correctly assumed that they wouldn't be caught dead wearing Crocs, or frocs as my daughter calls them (frocs=fake Crocs). My Crocs are extremely comfortable, but, they've never been worn in public. Not too long ago, while reading the Velohobo blog, I followed a link to a blog by ultralight bike tourist Igor Kovse. The title of his blog, Who's Afraid of the Crocs. I believe that the title is a reference to his tour through Africa, however, he rode his bike across that continent while wearing a tan pair of Crocs. Could the cycling community be overlooking the greatest, most affordable, cycling footwear ever known? It looks like there were a few discussions about this very topic on Bike Forums a couple of years ago during the Crocs heyday.

This is a photo of Igor's footwear as he ceremoniously dips his feet in the ocean after riding across the African continent. Obviously the Crocs were up to the task.


  1. Can you mount SPD cleats on them?

  2. Here we go. Darn you and your efficiency Steve, it is possible to pedal a bike without clipless pedals.

  3. I have four pair of crocs I paid as much as five dollars for one pair but the rest were three dollars. They are dorky (do I look like I care?)but they are comfortable, practical and durable. That's just the cheap plastic ones. I also have some made of fake leather. I guess you can tell I am not a fashion plate.
    Unlike flip flops I can wear socks. My only problem is deciding if I should wear the white, red or black ones with my striped socks.
    When one is no longer expecting to be discovered, looking for a job, trying to get a loan or trying to get girls what one wears is can be anything.

  4. Never wore a pair, but if they are flat soled, I'd be limping in pain, by the end of the day. End the end; you get what you pay for.

  5. I can't remember where, but Grant Petersen has talked about how good Crocs can be for riding. I have never owned a pair, but I do have some water shoes/sandals that are sort of similar, and I like them. They're not foam rubber though.

  6. I have a couple of pairs and wear them at home.

    @twister, they have arch support built in.

    I like them because they clean up easily and are comfortable at the end of a long day after wearing steel toed metatarsal boots all day.

    I don't wear them riding my bike anymore after inadvertently rolling through a fire ant pile and getting one foot pretty badly chewed up.


  7. Who knew? I walk by a store of them everyday and think "who'd buy those things??".. Boy, am I ever out of it...!

  8. I'm with Steve A. about the cleats.
    Then again, maybe with a drill and some load bearing plates...
    I wonder if I could glue like a carbon sole to them?
    Wait a minute, these are Crocs we're talking about?
    Nevermind, I forgot.
    Image is everything.

  9. My eyes were drawn to the photo before reading the text. Two thoughts came to mind, (1) Wow, it looks like Myles has been putting some miles on those legs, and (2) In what part of Fort Worth do they keep the ocean?

    Thanks for the tip, buddy.

  10. Imagine the tanlines! Err, spots!

  11. I might try them as a kicking around camp, off the bike shoe. One good thing about them though, if you blow out a side wall on your tire you could cut them up to make patches.


  12. Can't say I care much for how they look. Everyone says they are comfortable, but so are my shoes that I like the looks of. As long as I have a choice, I'll choose looks I like and comfortable, together.