Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cheap Wool

If you like wool and don't mind riding in non-cycling specific clothing, now's the time to go shopping. Most winter gear is on sale, at least it is here in Texas. Dillard's had Woolrich and Pendleton wool on sale for half price or less. Same thing at Eddie Bauer where I picked up a nice wool cardigan for about $48 including tax.

I like cardigans, they allow you to regulate your temperature more than a regular pullover sweater. The shawl collar does a great job of keeping my neck warm. Flip it up and it's just like wearing a scarf. The big buttons are a plus. They make it easy to button and unbutton with one hand while riding.

I've been using this heavy denim shirt as a light jacket. I layered it over the cardigan to keep the wind from cutting through.

And underneath, an awesome t-shirt from Gallus Cycles. I bought it from Jeremy at the recent Great Southwest Bike Swap. This years swap meet was packed with attendees. They might need to consider a larger venue for next year.

I still haven't done much riding lately. I went out for a short ride today. I stopped off at an Estate Sale but I was a couple of days too late. The place had been practically picked clean.


  1. Nice wardrobe addition. Very smart.

  2. Thank you very much for the reminder. While I don't like Eddie Bauer nearly so much as REI(its mostly horribly overpriced for what you get), conveniently, I have an Eddie Bauer gift card.

  3. Steve A-You can do what I do, head straight for the clearance rack. You'll never catch me at some of these stores unless there's a good sale going on. Most of my wardrobe comes from Walmart and Target.

  4. Most of the clothing at Wally World looks ok, but when I grab it and give it a little feel, checking for quality, it just isn't there.

  5. I've amassed quite the wool collection over the past few years. Besides getting some more technical stuff from MEC (Canada's REI) and the Icebreaker warehouse sale they had here in Portland last month, most of it has come from thrift shops. Pendleton is based here in Portland, so I've snagged a few flannels and sweaters at Goodwill. It's not as easy to find good stuff as much as going to Dillards, but if one's diligent one can get some good stuff!