Saturday, January 15, 2011

Posters by Meli

I love screen printed posters, especially if the subject matter has something to do with bikes. Meligrosa over at Bikes and the City, is now selling her 2009 and 2010 ArtCrank posters on Pedalr. The poster in the photos is the 2009 version which will soon be framed and hanging on our wall. Meli designed the poster and had it screen printed by Pedal Printing.

If you're a regular visitor to her blog you'll recognize the bike in the poster as Frenchie, Meli's nice vintage mixte.

A very nice three color print by Pedal Printing.


  1. I also got a poster from Meli and will be framing it as well.

  2. dickdavid-Now that's an easy way to mount a poster. I'll probably order that one as well.

  3. Beautiful poster! And Artcrank was a fun time too. Thanks for tipping me to pedalr, I definitely have to check that site out!