Friday, April 29, 2011

Samsung TL500

This is my new camera, it's a Samsung TL500. To be honest I haven't yet taken it out of the auto mode on my last few rides but I do plan to start taking my photography a little more seriously. The very first ride with this camera I realized that the lens cap was going to be a problem. I tend to take lots of photos while I'm actually riding which makes removing and replacing the lens cap difficult.

This was my solution to the lens cap problem. I bought it from some Chinese company on Ebay. So far I'm happy with it.

The cap pops open when I power up the camera. I also bought the wrist strap so that I don't drop the camera while riding. I'd hate to see my camera skipping across the asphalt.

The screen can be closed towards the camera or rotated and closed with the screen facing out. On rides I'd like to leave it closed with the screen facing out towards me, but I need some kind of protective cover so that I don't scratch it.


  1. That's a slick looking little camera. What is the zoom on it?
    I always struggle with what the ideal camera is for riding. I have a bigger Cannon which takes good photos but is a little bulky and a small point and shoot Fuji but it doesn't take the best photos. Also a Flipcam for video.

  2. Hey Randy, I believe it's 4x zoom. Like you, I've got a Canon digital SLR (their least expensive model)that I used to carry with me on rides, but it was a pain to pack and unpack every time I wanted to take a photo. I've got one of the original Flip video cameras. I like that thing. The kids like to play around with it also.

  3. I have not found a good solution so I look forward to your further reports. Does the camera have optical stabilization? Actually, I'll start checking the Internet. My main two cameras are a Canon and my iPhone and neither takes pictures I like. A Fuji takes good pictures but is too bulky for daily use. I want something that takes great pictures but fits into a seat bag with room left over.

  4. Screen looks about the same size as a blackberry screen. Measure it out and see if you can just get one of those stick on screen protectors to keep it from getting scratched. I know some are cut to fit which would probably be ideal for your situation. Hope that helps. Should only costs a couple of dollars for that solution.

  5. Steve A-This camera has double stabilization, whatever that is. My camera is slightly too large for pocket carry. If you're looking for a very compact camera that takes excellent photos you should check out the Canon S95, it's what Pondero uses.

    The Sophisticated Cycler-The cut to fit stuff would work just fine. I'll look for it next time I'm at Best Buy. Thanks.

  6. Myles,
    Congrats on the new camera!

    FWIW: Mine is a Pentax Optio W-90, which has taken a lot of beating (including dropping 4+ feet, a few times) and still works like a charm. It is also waterproof.

    I will be checking for your field-test reports!

    Peace :)

  7. Looks like a fantastic camera! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  8. I picked up a little LX3 a few months back and had seen that lens cap. Kinda wondered about it, but now I think I might just get one. I feel the same way, that lens cap just gets to be a pain after a while. Especially when I'm stoping often to take photos.


  9. I like it! The swivel screen on the back is its piece de resistance.


  10. hmm gives me ideas.