Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Ride 04-02-11

I can't describe how badly I needed to ride this morning. Work has been a complete nightmare this week, on top of that I learned that my grandmother passed away. We were very close despite the fact that after 101 years of living in Texas she never learned to speak english and my spanish speaking ability never progressed beyond a certain level. Despite that we always managed to understand each other. No, this hasn't been a good week.

I was hoping to hit a few yard sales. There seemed to be quite a few in the neighborhood yesterday, but this was the only one I ran across today.

The bluebonnets were out in force, for you folks living in other parts of the country (or world) the bluebonnet is the Texas state flower. They grow everywhere down here.

A quick stop along the trail.

I've got a brand new camera that I'm learning how to use. It's a Samsung TL500. It was on sale for $309 on Amazon. Hopefully my photos will improve as I brush up on my manual photography.

Another quick stop at the Trinity River.

I relaxed a bit at the Starbucks on University Drive.

Well fed ducks observed on the return trip.

Still messing with the camera-it's got an articulating screen which makes it easy to take photos from weird angles.

Time for lunch. Just before heading home I stopped at one of out new eating establishments, Jersey Mike's Subs on Hulen Street. This is their Philly Cheesesteak-not bad.

**Random Afterthought**After reading my grandmother's obituary (linked above), I"m reminded that some of the older men in my family had very odd names, all beginning with the letter "P" for some reason. My father's name was Protacio (he went by Pete), my grandfather's name was Procacio, there's Procopio, and finally Policarpio (This is the spanish version of the biblical name Polycarp).


  1. Sounds like a theraputic ride. So, how did you get to have a "non P" first name?

  2. Man that cheese steak looks really really good.

  3. Man, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I understand that a bike ride doesn't replace a cherished grandmother, but hopefully it was helpful.

  4. My condolences on your Grandmothers passing. Wow 101.

  5. I also give my condolences on you grandmother's passing.

    I was quite the fan of Jersey Mike's in my meat-eating, Connecticut-living days. Didn't realize you had them in Texas!

  6. Myles,
    Sorry about your loss! The articulating screen must come in handy, especially when there is no view finder on the camera. I like having a view finder on a camera, but my Pentax WSO does not have one.

    The photo of the flowers, bike by the Trinity and the shot of the front basket are my favorite pics from this post.

    Glad you got to ride!

    Peace :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I'm sure you will treasure all of the memories you have of her, thankfully you will have them forever. I like the photo of your bike and basket (looking up). Take Care.

  8. Sorry to hear bout your grandmother. That looked like a good ride.

  9. So sorry for your loss, Myles. I've been enjoying the blog, and the Trek has been treating me very well, especially after some new bars and saddle.

  10. Everybody-Thanks for the kind words about my grandmother. It's funny, when people hear that she died at the age of 101 you don't get the questions,"What Happened, how did she die." They usually say something similar to Randy's comment "Wow, 101."

    Steve A-In reference to the "P" names, I think my dad wanted to break that tradition. He hated his name.

    Danny-What bars and saddle are you using?

  11. Saddle: VO model 3, loving it.
    Bars: Nitto Albatross (I think; Trinity happened to have some used ones when I was there). But I flipped them because I felt a little too upright when they were right side up. Inverse brake levers, too.

    I'll have to take a photo one of these days...

  12. I'm within a whisker of 66. I can hardly remember either of my grandmothers. Lock her up somewhere special in your memory. You'll need her with you at unexpected times.

  13. Danny-I approve of that setup. Of course I like the Albatross bars because they allow me to sit upright.

    Gunnar Berg-Thanks. My grandmother practically raised me. She occupies some of my most cherished childhood memories.