Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm still here although my riding has dropped off considerably. I've been hiding out avoiding the heat. This is our 38th straight day of 100+ degree (37.8 C) temperatures. We'll tie the all time record of 42 days this coming Friday.

Both my bikes are needing attention. The Lotus has developed an annoying tick. It's either the left pedal, left crank arm, or bottom bracket. I'm also in the process of switching out the cantilever brakes on my touring bike. The new brakes are height adjustable which will allow me to convert it from 27" to 700c wheels. I actually started the conversion a couple of weeks ago but I discovered that my 14 year old son has misplaced a couple of my tools (he will pay dearly for this). The bike has just sat there disassembled and neglected. I replaced the tools this weekend and hope to get my touring bike rolling again soon.

When it's gets hot like this I dream of heading out to the mountains. I've mentioned in the past that when I retire in 5 years and 4 months, I plan to buy a small travel trailer and explore America. While researching travel trailers this weekend I discovered the Car-Go Lite. This micro-trailer is much too small for me and my wife but it would be perfect for a single person.

The most important feature-it's got an air conditioner.


  1. Things I've learned.
    If you want your wife or girl friend along then there must be a potty room. A place to sit and privately contemplate the universe. That is the minimum. Everything else is luxury.
    You can air-condition anything these days for about a hundred bucks.

  2. You are absolutely correct. My wife has already informed me that she will not travel with me unless there is a "potty room". Those little portable toilets with the plastic bag liner are unacceptable as far as she's concerned.

  3. They will also want a shower but will complain it is too small.

  4. Steve A-That's true. I would not buy a travel trailer without a shower but I'm hoping that we'll be able to take care of our bathing needs at whatever campground or park we are staying at.

  5. Oh, and good water pressure, too. She'll want that.

    Loosing track of tools sucks away my energy. I feel your pain.

  6. She could always camp how I like to camp - in a hotel room! I'm sure you'd both be happy if you could park the trailer outside in the parking lot and "camp", while she "camps" inside the hotel.

  7. When we were young it was tents of course, a big one for motor camping and a small one for backpacking. She discovered historic lodges and old log cabins and fell in love with them. I thought a small camper might be an acceptable compromise. It wasn't. We looked at Camp-Inn trailers (even smaller than your Car-Go-Lite). I was ready to pull the trigger, but she nixed it.

  8. Looks pretty luxurious, to me, compared to how I camp...

    I would love to be able to hit the road, for a few months at a time, no matter what the accomodations. I envy your planned early retirement!

  9. Stay cool -- hope that the weather lets up soon. Damn, that's hot!

  10. That's a snazzy trailer, Myles.
    Counting down, days to retirement, eh? Cool!

    Peace :)

  11. Myles, perhaps this will do the trick?

    The company is based in Houston.


  12. 38 days at 100F or above? I...can't...even...fathom.